Common Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Grout

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Grout

By : Angelina
Is the stained grout in your bathroom and kitchen ruining the aesthetic appeal of your home? Grout is a porous and durable substance that keeps your tiles in place. It is made from a paste of powdered cement, sand, lime and coloured pigment that is added to water and then used to fill the gaps between your tiles.  

However, if you maintain your tile grout properly and use the correct methods and tools when cleaning it, you can avoid damaging its structure and causing discolourations.

If you need an intensive cleaning of your tiles done, it is best to hire bond cleaning Port Macquarie services as these professionals will remove all dirt and gunk from your tile grout with organic solutions and sophisticated tools. But for regular cleaning and maintenance, you can use simple cleaning solutions and tips and avoid making the below mistakes:

Grout is a highly dense and porous substance that can easily absorb dust, grime, dirty water, soil and other contaminants. These contaminants, in turn, attract germs and bacteria like salmonella, E.coli, strep bacteria and more that get airborne and hamper indoor air quality. Besides this, you must also sweep and mop your grout regularly to keep it looking new and fresh.

Thus, it is important to clean your tile grout regularly and properly to avoid inhaling any harmful substances and to keep your space looking bright and clean. To help you clean your tile grout properly, here are some common mistakes that you should avoid and their solutions by bond cleaners in Port Macquarie:

1. Using Harsh Chemical Cleaning Solutions

The first and most important thing in any cleaning regimen is to collect and arrange the right cleaning equipment for the job. If you use harsh chemical solutions like ammonia or bleach to clean your grout, you will only end up damaging it more. This is because these chemicals will wear out and discolour your grout over time and will also release toxic residues in your home that can cause severe health problems.

Thus, it is better to avoid using these harsh chemical cleaners and opt for more natural solutions like baking soda and hydrogen peroxide because:

  • The alkaline nature of baking soda is perfect for removing stains and odours and is not harsh on grout.
  • On the other hand, hydrogen peroxide is a natural brightening agent that will not leave any toxic residue on your grout.
  • Tip

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    2. Excessively Scrubbing Your Tile Grout To Loosen Dirt

    Have you gotten tired of seeing stained and yellow tile grout and think excessively scrubbing these areas will help? Bond cleaners in Port Macquarie strongly advise you to avoid doing this, as over-scrubbing your tile grout can damage its structure and sealant.

    This will cause it to start crumbling and become flakey and damaged, allowing water and dirt to seep in between your tiles. Instead, it is better to use gentle motions to scrub your grout and always move along the lines of the grout to get out the dirt easily.

    3. Not Using Microfiber Cloths To Clean Your Grout

    Another mistake you might be making when cleaning your grout is to use harsh scrubbing brushes. These brushes can scratch and damage the surface of the grout and make it look worn out and old. You can avoid this by replacing your brushes with microfiber cloths that are gentle and effective in cleaning and buffing up your tile grout.

    4. Letting Spills And Stains Seep Into Your Tiles

    Tomato juice spills, grease, oil and ink stains can all seep into your grout and slowly damage its colour and material. This is because the cement in grout makes it highly absorbent and can retain these stains and spills. Therefore it is best to clean up spills and stains as you see them with a microfiber cloth so that it does not damage your tile and grout.

    For tougher stains, bond cleaners in Port Macquarie suggest that you mix a paste of 2 parts of baking soda and one cup of water and apply it to the stained area directly. This will not only loosen the stains and spills and make them easier to remove but also eliminate any foul odours.


    You can also use baking soda to clean your oven.

    5. Cleaning Your Tiled Floors With A Wet Mop

    Lastly, if you do not strain your wet mop beforing cleaning your floors, the excess water will seep into your tile grout and dampen it. This damp tile grout will, in turn, attract harmful mould spores and mildew that can hamper your family’s health.

    Thus, professional bond cleaners in Port Macquarie recommend that you only use a damp mop to clean your tile grout and always ventilate and air dry the area quickly.


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    If you avoid the above common mistakes, you will be able to clean and maintain your tile grout and keep it shining for a long time. You should also ask professional cleaners to help you add the right sealant to your grout and replace it when needed.