10 Essential Cleaning Tools For Household Chores

10 Essential Cleaning Tools For Household Chores

By : Angelina
According to reports, a single germ in your home can multiply into eight million germs in 24 hours. This means you need to clean and disinfect your home regularly to eliminate all these germs and bacterial infections.

To help you clean your home most effectively and efficiently, bond cleaning experts in Port Macquarie have suggested ten essential cleaning tools. These tools, combined with nine must-have natural ingredients, will help you keep your home spick and span regularly and free from infections and allergies.

Here are 10 essential cleaning tools for household chores.

1. Microfiber Cloths

You must include microfiber cloths in your cleaning caddy as these positively charged cloths attract and remove dirt and dust better than regular cleaning cloths. These cloths also have more surface area and can thus get the job done quicker and more efficiently, and can last up to two years.

Use: You can use these cloths to wipe dry dirt and dust off furniture and baseboards. Also, you can spray natural cleaning solutions like vinegar and water on these cloths and scrub your glass surfaces as they do not leave streaks behind.

2. Sponges

Your plates and dishes can get contaminated with Escherichia coli and Clostridium perfringens germs if you don’t clean them within two hours. These bacteria spread quickly; thus, you must get rid of these germs with a sponge as soon as possible. You should use a sponge with a gentle side to wipe plates and surfaces so that it is not abrasive. The other side should be abrasive to eliminate stuck food bits and grime that can cause germs.

Use: Cleaning experts who offer end of lease cleaning Port Macquarie suggest that you clean cast-iron cookware with a non-abrasive and non-metal sponge so that it does not damage the surface.


Disinfect your sponge regularly by heating it in the microwave for one minute to kill all the germs that collect on it.

3. Vacuum

One square inch of your carpet can contain up to 10,000 dust mites that produce about 20 waste droppings daily. Thus, getting rid of these household dust mites with a vacuum is important to keep your indoor air quality safe and hygienic.

Use: A vacuum with a HEPA filter can attract even the toughest dirt particles and stains from your carpets and thus is a good purchase. For smaller spills, you should use a handheld vacuum.

4. Scrub Brushes

Professional bond cleaners in Port Macquarie recommend that you include a plastic scrub brush with strong bristles in your cleaning caddy. This scrub brush can handle the toughest grout and stains, leaving your floors and surface shining and sparkling.

Use: You should use this scrub brush to wash and clean your showerhead, tubs, and bathroom sinks. It is a good idea to purchase multiple brush heads so that you are not spreading germs from one area to another.

5. Squeegee

Squeegees are a great tool to clean your windows and mirrors quickly and without leaving any streaks. You can also spray white vinegar on the rubber blade of the squeegee and use it to get rid of mould from your surfaces.

Use: You can use squeegees on your mirrors, glass surfaces, windows, and floors to remove stains and mould. Make sure you protect the rubber blade of your squeegee by storing it properly.

6. Glass Spray Bottle

A glass spray bottle is a perfect cleaning tool, as you can safely store your DIY cleaners. These bottles can hold up to anything and are perfect for spraying surfaces as frequently as possible.

7. Broom With Dustpan

Bond cleaning experts recommend using a broom with a dustpan to maintain your home regularly. If you use a dustpan with a rubber lip, it will grip the floor, and you can easily sweep all the dust into the pan.

Use: You can sweep up fallen food bits and leftovers on your floors, and it is also good to use before you vacuum your floors and surfaces.

8. Mop

A mop will help you make your wood and tiled floors shiny and sparkling clean. There are many varieties of mops that you can use, such as:

  • A mop with a handle where you can load your cleaning fluid.
  • A stick mop with a sponge head to hold.
  • A steam mop that uses hot water to clean floors.
  • A mop with reusable cleaning pads that are easy to use and which you don’t have to wring out.
  • 9. Buckets

    A bucket has two purposes in your cleaning caddy. One is that it can hold all your cleaning fluid and water to help you wipe up surfaces quickly. Two, you can use it to soak cleaning cloths and sponges so that they can clean surfaces more easily. You can also thus a bucket to store cleaning supplies so that you have everything in one place.

    10. Cleaning Solutions

    Your home will look flawless when you regularly use the right cleaning solutions with the correct tools. Bond cleaning experts in Port Macquarie recommend that you use eco-friendly cleaning solutions or make your own solutions using natural ingredients like vinegar, baking soda and water to save money on cleaning supplies and to keep your home clean.


    The above ten cleaning tools will help you spruce up your home and enjoy daily cleaning. For deeper home cleaning, you should hire bond cleaning experts in Port Macquarie who will use their own advanced and green cleaning tools and solutions.