Your Ultimate End-of-Lease Cleaning Checklist To Get Full Bond Back

Your Ultimate End-of-Lease Cleaning Checklist To Get Full Bond Back

By : Angelina
When you vacate a rental property, it is essential to leave it in the same condition as when you moved in. To do this, you must ensure you have your property condition report from the start of your tenancy to compare the state of your rental home. Once you see what areas and spots need to be cleaned, you can either take on this task on your own or hire bond cleaning Port Macquarie services to help you out.

Whether you do it on your own or get professional help, following an end-of-lease cleaning checklist is important to pass your landlord’s inspection and get your bond back in full. Here is an ultimate bond cleaning checklist that will help you spruce up your home:

1. Inspect Your Home Using Your Property Condition Report

At the start of your tenancy, your landlord would have handed you a property condition report which showed the condition of your home before you moved in. When you move out, your landlord will expect the property to be in the same condition as before, with a few exceptions for fair wear and tear.

Thus, to ensure you pass your landlord’s inspection and get your bond back, you should thoroughly inspect your home using the property condition report. Go over and note down all the areas that need a deep cleaning and list any repairs and renovations that need to be done.

2. Arrange Your End-Of-Lease Cleaning Supplies

Based on the level of cleaning your home requires, you can start arranging your cleaning caddy. End-of-lease cleaners in Port Macquarie suggest that you keep the following essential supplies for your end-of-lease cleaning:

  • Microfiber cloths
  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Squeegee
  • Magic eraser
  • Vacuum with HEPA filter
  • Soft-bristled brush
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    3. Remove Grease And Oil Stains From Your Kitchen

    With your cleaning supplies in place, you should start cleaning the most difficult room in your home: your kitchen. Depending on how much you have used your kitchen, it will have grease and oil stains on the baseboards, expired food on kitchen shelves, food debris in the microwave and dirt and dust on countertops and floors.

    Here are some tasks you must complete when cleaning your kitchen at the end of your tenancy:

  • Wipe the ceiling fans, exhausts, range hoods, and light fixture
  • Clean and empty the cabinets and shelves
  • Use a microfiber cloth to dust your countertops
  • Sanitise your sinks and drains and make sure there are no clogs
  • Remove debris from your ovens, griller, doors, racks and knobs
  • Clean the inside and outside of the stove tops and rings
  • If needed, clean the microwave, dishwasher and fridge
  • Wipe down any stains from the backsplash area
  • 4. Deep-Clean Water Stains And Soap Scum From Your Bathroom

    Next, move on to the bathroom and scrub toilet bowl stains and soap scum deposits with natural cleaning solutions like vinegar and baking soda. Here are some essential tasks you must follow when cleaning your bathroom:

  • Clean the exhaust fans and ceiling fans
  • Wipe and dust the cupboards and drawers
  • Clean the toilet and behind the S bend
  • Remove any toilet bowl rings and wipe the flush handle
  • Remove mineral deposits from faucets and taps
  • Wipe away soap scum from shower glass doors and tracks
  • Polish and shine up mirrors and windows
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    5. Vacuum Mattresses And Upholstery In Your Bedroom

  • Clean and dust your curtains, window blinds and light fixtures
  • Wipe the shelves and cupboards and empty all the drawers
  • Sweep and mop the floors to remove dirt and grime
  • Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to remove tiny dust particles and house dust mites from your mattresses and beddings
  • 6. Spot Clean Stains And Marks From Your Living Room

  • Use a magic eraser to remove marks and smudges from your walls
  • Remove cobwebs and dust from the corners of your ceilings
  • Remove dirt and dust from air conditioning vents and filters
  • Wipe dust off skirting, baseboards and doors
  • Vacuum sliding door tracks
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Tip

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    Additional Tips

  • Make sure you also remove leaves and debris from your pathways
  • Weed and trim the plants in your gardens
  • Clean and dust outdoor furniture and barbeque grills
  • Remove items from your garage and wipe down the garage door
  • Wipe and dust your laundry room
  • If your carpet needs to be steam cleaned or if you require pest control, it is best to hire professional end-of-lease cleaners in Port Macquarie for the job. These experts have the necessary tools and organic solutions to provide these services and can help you get your bond back in full, but you must inform them in advance so they can come prepared.


    Once you complete the above end-of-lease cleaning checklist, you can call your landlord for an inspection. If your landlord is still unhappy with the cleaning, hire professionals to reclean your home quickly so you can get your bond back in full.