How To Safely Clean & Disinfect Around The Home

How To Safely Clean & Disinfect Around The Home

By : Angelina
Knowing the best way to keep your house disinfected all year round is crucial. But it is even more important during the cold and flu season. While you might know how to effectively clean the house, understand that cleaning is only a part of the process.

Other steps like disinfecting will certainly help in killing germs and viruses. It will also support the overall prevention of illness.

The best part is that the procedure is fairly simple. It involves the use of DIY, eco-friendly products that you can prepare by using ingredients you already have in your home. Experts use such green cleaning products when performing end of lease cleaning Port Macquarie.

Here is how to safely clean and disinfect around the home. These tips will help you streamline the process and get the job done efficiently.

1. Ensure Your Hands Are Clean

One of the best ways to minimise the chances of spreading the germs or even stopping them from entering your home in the first place is simply to keep your hands clean all the time. Your hands can bring bacteria and germs into your home and distribute them quickly.

It is worth mentioning that touching your face or even food with dirty hands is the fastest way to allow germs to enter your nose and mouth, leading to sickness.

It is best to keep your hands clean all the time and even wear gloves during the cleaning sessions for extra protection. You will always see the professionals wear gloves when performing budget end of lease cleaning Port Macquarie.

2. Keep Your Phone Disinfected

There is no doubt that your phone will be one of your most-touched possessions. This means that it will have a higher chance of being contaminated with the flu virus or any other nasty microbe. It is more than likely that your phone stays with you all day long, wherever you go.

So, when you bring it back home after a long day, it will certainly bring all the germs of where you have been.

It is also worth mentioning that antibacterial wipes are not the best thing to use on your phones. Just use a lint-free cloth as well as a combination of equal parts water and isopropyl alcohol. As for the frequency, it is recommended to disinfect your phone daily.

3. Do Not Forget High Touch Surfaces

It is easy to prioritise toilet and kitchen surfaces during the cleaning and disinfecting process. However, the other frequently touched surfaces also need your focus. This includes kettle handles, doors, light switches, etc. For safety reasons, it is never ideal to spray any cleaner directly onto a light switch.

Just prepare a disinfectant solution in a spray bottle and spray it lightly onto a clean microfibre cloth. Use it to wipe the switch as well as the switch plate. Follow up with using a soft and clean cloth to reveal the shine.

4. Use the Correct Products

The products you use for cleaning can make or break your efforts while also affecting the results. Not just the correct cleaners, you must also pick and maintain the appropriate tools. After a few uses, tools like rags, mops, and sponges can become filthy.

So, ensure you are cleaning them in between jobs using boiling water. The majority of commercial cleaning products are not known to be effective at stopping the distribution of illness-causing germs. The other ones make a contribution to pollution.

It is best to simply avoid the use of any sort of chemically-filled product. There are plenty of economical and easy-to-prepare DIY cleaning solutions that will work just fine.

The use of ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, and rubbing alcohol is more effective at cleaning and disinfecting than you might think. This is why expert end of lease cleaners Port Macquarie prefer using such ingredients.

5. Take off Your Shoes at the Door

Shoes have the ability to not only carry dirt into your home but they can also introduce germs. For this exact reason, it is better to make your house a “shoe-free” zone.

Plus, you should also clean the floors regularly. Firstly, either vacuum or sweep the hard floors to eliminate loose dirt. Next, mop using a warm disinfectant solution. Remember to not over-wet the laminate flooring because that may cause it to warp.

6. Take Advantage of Steam Power

Steam can be considered one of your best allies for killing germs while also helping you lift dirt and grime simultaneously. Steam cleaners can be utilised on a variety of sealed, waterproof surfaces around the house.

By using the correct attachments, this tool can also be used to clean ovens, too. If you have vinyl flooring, it is best to take a close look at the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Due to their effectiveness, steam cleaners are often used by the best end of lease cleaners Port Macquarie.

Wrapping Up

Cleaning and disinfecting your home is important to minimise the chances of sickness. However, it is important to know how to go about the complete procedure. By following the above-mentioned tips, you can easily keep your home clean and disinfected all year round.