How To Involve Your Family In House Cleaning

How To Involve Your Family In House Cleaning

By : Angelina
Maintaining a tidy, organised and germ-free home is a dream of every individual. However, it is pretty frustrating when you are the only person who keeps the entire abode clean. The workload doubles when you have a house full of people, but nobody helps you with the housekeeping chores.It is good to involve your entire family in the house cleaning process. You can encourage each family member, including your kids, in different tasks. You can designate tasks depending on their age and capabilities to streamline the entire process.At the end of your tenancy, prefer hiring trained professionals for a dedicated end of lease cleaning in Port Macquarie. They will help you achieve sparkling cleaning outcomes so that you can claim your bond back without any dispute.However, if you want to involve your family in day-to-day cleaning activities, keep the following tips and tricks in mind:

1. Talk to Your Family

Whether you are a working professional or a fully-fledged homemaker, ensure your entire family helps you in dusting, sweeping, mopping and other housekeeping activities. Allow everyone to know that you need their assistance.Keep the mood light and encourage everyone to make this task an easier one with a collaborative effort. Let them know what you expect from them and plan things accordingly.

2. Teach Your Skills and Share Knowledge

There is no need to do everything yourself when you have kids and a partner at home. Instead, teach them the simple and effective ways to keep a house clean all day long. Spend 10 minutes every day and share your cleaning knowledge with them.Whether it is about removing stubborn stains from carpets or disinfecting common surfaces, you need proper techniques to achieve proper results. So, share your cleaning tricks and tips that can help your family members and simplify their job.Also, share your DIY cleaning recipes as it can be fun to try eco-friendly cleaning ideas for your home with your entire family.

3. Make a Proper Cleaning List

Create a list of everything that needs to be performed to ensure a clean and healthy indoor environment. Make a separate checklist for daily, weekly as well as monthly tasks. For example, include deep cleaning bathrooms in your weekly cleaning checklist and mopping floors in a daily list.

4. Assign Cleaning Tasks

Make sure you give everyone something to do, including your kids. The 4-year old child can also assist you in small cleaning chores. Older kids can de-clutter the rooms, do dishes and remove dust from accessible areas.Make each kid responsible for the condition of their room. Also, assign tasks to your spouse depending on their available hours. It is good to create a good balance between their personal and professional time.

5. Negotiate with Them

If you are still facing issues in getting your family on board with sprucing up chores, offer them simple tasks that they can pick on their own. You can also ask them to assist you in complicated or time-consuming tasks.Give them the flexibility to choose their own tasks so that they can complete it without hesitation.

6. Be Patient and Flexible

Creating new routines and incorporating self-cleaning habits can take a lot of time and effort. No one is going to carry out a chore in the same way you expected from the. So, stay calm and relaxed. You need to be flexible and patiently handle everything.

7. Set Targets

Setting cleaning goals can make things easy for you and your family. Get your little ones on board by giving them rewards after the completion of set tasks. Involve everyone in the game of speed sprucing to make the task complete on time.Set a timer and allow everyone to clean for 10-20 minutes. You will be amazed at the results. Once your family member sees that specific tasks don’t take a huge time every day to bring back the lost shine of a home, they will automatically come forward to assist you.

8. Give Incentives to your Kids

Motive your little ones by giving them incentives. This will encourage them to complete the assigned tasks on time. Get your toddlers to help a little more around the abode and treat them to their favourite meal or let them watch their favourite cartoon.


Getting the entire family involved in house cleaning chores can be tricky but not impossible. You can try these hacks and encourage everyone to help you in maintaining a clean and healthy home.Regular cleaning and dusting also improve the indoor air quality. If you are at the end of your tenancy and want to secure your bond money, hire trained professionals for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Port Macquarie, and this will help you pass the rental inspection with ease.