How to Clean Floors Using a Steam Mop

How to Clean Floors Using a Steam Mop

By : Angelina
Steam is one of the most effective tools against dust, grease and microorganisms that cause allergies, infectious diseases and other health issues. Since steam reaches temperature over 165 ◦C, it can dissolve grime, remove caked gunk and kill 99% germs instantly.

Therefore, steam mops are popular cleaning tools as they can effectively sanitise floors which are among the dirties areas in a home. They are user-friendly, green and efficient tools you can use during regular house sanitation or end of lease cleaning Port Macquire.

Thus, if you plan to get a steam mop or already have one, here’s your complete guide to cleaning floors using it like a professional. Have a look.

Check For Repairs/Maintenance Work

Before you start the process of steam floor cleaning, inspect them for repairs and maintenance work. Scrubbing or washing a broken or damaged surface can lead to further damage.

Therefore, if you notice cracks, chipping, lifted floor or any other issue not due to your negligence, inform the landlord and get them fixed. Once the repair work is done, you can focus on steam mopping the floors.

Remove Mould Spots

Mould spots are common in rooms with poor ventilation or constantly moist air. Thus, you can find them on floors of bathroom, kitchen, laundry room etc. These spots not only look bad, but they also pollute the indoor air quality and threaten the structural integrity of surfaces. Therefore, get rid of them quickly before you must steam mop.

Remove Marks

It is common for floors to have scuff marks and dirt spots from shoes. In addition, there can be spots due to spillage, which is why it is necessary to clean the marks and spots first. A method the experienced end of lease cleaning professionals employ is make a paste of baking soda and water with a runny consistency that can be used for removing even stubborn stains.

Take a little paste on a soft sponge to gently wipe away the marks, spots, or stains. Make sure to wipe in the direction of the grain and not in a circular motion because it can lead to scratches and swirls.

Sweep and Vacuum

After the spot cleaning the next step would be to sweep the floors to remove dust, dirt, and other debris using a broom or a sweeper. This step is necessary to perform because mopping alone will not get rid of contaminants on the surface. Vacuuming is another option, but do it well to prevent the floors from getting scratches from the wheels and heavy body.

Get ready to vacuum the floors immediately once the contaminants are removed. Many experienced experts of end of lease cleaning in Port Macquarie sweep then vacuum floors to get rid of loose debris and contaminants effectively and efficiently. You can use homemade cleaners to get better results.

Steam Mopping Floors

Over the years, more and more people with homes that have floors are investing in steam cleaners that have attachments for mopping and other activities. These cleaning machines are effective and efficient at cleaning and disinfecting floors because they kill germs instantly on contact and don’t leave any residue. Steam mopping floors prolongs shelf life, adds shine, and sanitises them better than traditional mopping.

Experienced end of lease cleaning professionals in Port Macquarie use these versatile cleaning machines to sanitise residential and commercial properties.  Therefore, by using steam cleaners, you can clean your floors like a pro. It is also useful when you want to perform end of lease cleaning and get your bond back.

Products to Avoid Using While Steam Mopping

Besides vinegar other products that can damage steam mops and the floors when used together are listed as follows

  • Cleaners or Disinfectant with dye
  • Citrus or acidic products
  • Rough scouring pads and brushes
  • Bleach, ammonia, and other harsh chemicals
  • According to the experienced end of lease cleaning experts in Port Macquarie, using such products can affect the sealant applied on the floors making them susceptible to staining. In addition, rough products can leave spray marks, dull spots, swirls, etc.

    Thus, while steam mopping using water is the best option. In case you must use a cleaner, go for the recommended cleaner. A steam mop is an essential cleaning tool for keeping your floors pristine.

    Wrapping Up

    Floors are necessary but cleaning them is a chore. However, with this guide by the experienced end of lease cleaners in Port Macquarie, maintaining your floors will be a smooth process. Knowing the information shared above is excellent for homeowners and tenants because they can keep the floors looking beautiful and pristine at all times!