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End of Tenancy Cleaning – Your Rights and Obligations As A Tenant

According to the tenancy agreement, a tenant has to return the premises in its original/pristine condition. Many landlords or property managers withhold the security deposit if the property is not maintained or cleaned properly. Some studies revealed that more than 50 % of landlord and tenant disputes occur due to lack of cleaning.As a tenant, […]
By : Angelina

9 Must-Have Ingredients to Clean Your Entire House, Naturally

Cleaning your home is an essential task because it keeps the dirt, germs, virus away from your family and protects them against various diseases. However, it is also vital that you follow the right cleaning methods.People never hesitate to purchase commercial cleaning products, but they overlook the fact that such products have harmful chemicals that […]
By : Angelina

8 Tips for Drying Wet Carpet and Preventing Mould Growth

When you are dealing with the consequences of flood or a major pipe leakage problem, you are expected to face the problem of wet carpet. However, irrespective of the reason, you need to dry the carpets as quickly as possible because wet carpet can promote mould growth and also end up damaging the floor of […]
By : Angelina