7 Ways To Occupy Your Kids While You Clean House

7 Ways To Occupy Your Kids While You Clean House

By : Angelina
Life is not easy when you have kids at home. It is difficult for working parents to juggle office work, household tasks and other important activities. Taking some time out of a busy schedule for your children is crucial because they also need your care and attention.Managing all these things with house cleaning chores can be one of the most challenging things. It is important to engage your kids in meaningful activities when you are sprucing up your premises. This will give you a sense of satisfaction that they are occupied and won’t interrupt you in the middle of the process.However, if you are prepping your rental apartment for the final property inspection, then drop your kids to the neighbour’s or friend’s place. You can hire professionals for a meticulous end of lease cleaning in Port Macquarie and impress your landlord.In case you want to keep your kids occupied while cleaning up your house, then consider these 7 tips mentioned below:

1. Involve Your Kids in Cleaning Chores

Keeping a house clean, clutter-free and organised is next to impossible when you have got young kids. They keep creating a mess on floors, carpets, upholstery furniture and beds. If you want them to stay busy when you are cleaning up your abode, then encourage them to assist you in housekeeping chores.Give them simple tasks, such as dusting the table, putting dirty clothes in the washing machine, etc. To make it a fun activity, you can convert boring chores into an exciting game. Add a timer and see who finishes first.Give them rewards after completing each task. This way, they feel occupied and also make your house cleaning job a bit easier.

2. Give Them Crayons and a Book

Instead of streaming a cartoon video on your mobile phones, you can give them a colouring book and crayons. Kids love playing with colours, and this is one of the best ways to keep them busy when you are occupied with cleaning chores.You can also give watercolour paints, chalks and stickers to distract the kids with their artistic skills. Ask them to show their creativity and draw a family picture till you vacuum the floors and upholstery furniture.

3. Set the Timer

If your kids feel like they never get enough time with you at home, then set a timer for them. Spend an hour with your kids, and play fun games before getting into the cleaning process.It is good to maintain a balance between housekeeping chores and parenting responsibilities. Spend quality time with your children so that you can easily spruce up your house without any disturbance. This becomes even more important if you are leaving your current rental property.Tip: Hire professional end of lease cleaners in Port Macquarie to reduce the cleaning stress.

4. Give Them Book to Read

Some children love reading books. If your kids love spending time with books, then you can keep them occupied. Ask them to take a seat on the chair or couch so that you can de-clutter the room, dust the hard surfaces, vacuum dirty carpets or deep clean the kitchen. They can read for a long time if you give favourite books.Believe it or not! This is one of the best tricks to keep your kids calm and productive at the same time.

5. Organise a Fun Cleaning Contest

This is one of the most fun activities to keep your kids involved when you are treating tough stains, grime and built-up grease. You can assign each kid a room to clean their room. Whosoever completes the assigned task the quickest and the most thoroughly got a reward or treat. Keep this contest in a healthy way so that you can focus on other important cleaning tasks.

6.Let them Play Outside

It is not one of the best ways but if you are cleaning up the house in the evening, then let your kiddos play outside the house. Send them into the front park or backyard. This will give you half an hour to spruce up the house using safe and sound products. You can even set up a scavenger hunt game for them.Tip: Do not forget to apply sunscreen before sending them outside.

7. Let Them Do What They Love

You don’t need to set limits all the time when your kids are at home. If you want to clean up your abode and carrying out this task around your kids is the only option, then let them do whatever they love.Assign them a particular area, such as your bedroom or their room. They can create a fort using bedsheets, play with their toys, sing, dance and whatever they love.Tip: Make sure they clear up the mess before wrapping up their game so that you can easily clean that room quickly and effectively.


These are some of the best ways that will keep your kids occupied during your house cleaning time. It is good to get them involved in the process and spend quality time. If you are moving out of a rental unit, hire a company for the best end of lease cleaning in Port Macquarie for the safe retrieval of your bond money.